Our Story

Students to Scholars (S2S) was created in early 2017 by a Boys & Girls Club volunteer to provide selected children from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Durham and Orange Counties, North Carolina, with the opportunity to be educated in the rigorous academic and culturally diverse environment of associate independent schools. Our goal is to prepare these promising students for either college preparatory classes in a public secondary school or attendance at an independent secondary school. The ultimate goal is that these students will be able to compete academically for placement in any institution of higher education and succeed there.


Student Selection Process

We look for students who have the potential to thrive in a more challenging academic environment with a small pupil-to-teacher ratio and one that is culturally diverse, and then give these students the opportunity to apply to the S2S associate schools. Our 2020-2021 associate schools are Triangle Day School, Duke School, Durham Academy, and Carolina Friends School, and Hill Learning in the summer. Students are selected to participate in S2S based on their school performance, willingness to work hard, their aptitude for learning, and support at home. The first four students attended their new schools in the Fall of 2017 and by 2021, twenty students have participated in the program.

Additional Services

The Students to Scholars program extends beyond the admission process by assisting the scholars as they make the transition into the new school and adjust to the many changes they will encounter. The scholars will continue to receive academic and after-school support throughout their middle school years. This consistency will help to ensure stability and support as the students transfer schools and make new friends.  


Our associate schools are dedicated to helping qualified students participate in Students to Scholars regardless of a family’s ability to pay, and have committed to working with the families of students to create an affordable package for the scholars. Parents are also driving their child to school each day and preparing a lunch. Eligible students also apply for North Carolina’s Opportunity Scholarship.  Students to Scholars needs the community’s help to administer this to identify promising students, prepare them for the application process with tutoring and Summer camp, and support them once enrolled with tutoring and cultural affirmation programs.


The cost is $7,000 to support each child, each year.
We need your support to help these students become scholars.


By supporting Students to Scholars, donors are directly contributing to the success of a child and enabling them to reach their potential. Donors will be able to see each child grow as scholars and witness their futures unfold, and meet the students whose lives are being changed by this program. These students need your support to make this educational opportunity a reality.

Program Costs