Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a 501(c)3 nonprofit?

Yes! We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Is there another way to help the program if I cannot donate?

Yes! Because this is a brand new organization, we need people to spread the word. Mention it to your friends and family, and please like our facebook page, follow us on instagram @students2scholars, and follow us on twitter @S2SDurhamOrange. We also need qualified tutors to join our team of Academic Advisors. If you're interested, please email

What do partner schools contribute?

Partner schools contribute 70% of the tuition costs. They are also giving their time and resources as they endeavor to make this experience successful. 

Do the parents/guardians of the students contribute?

Families of the students are asked to contribute between 2-5% of their income. They are also committed to driving their child to school, which is a challenge for working parents who often have inflexible schedules, and to packing the child’s lunch every day, a new cost and experience for many of them.

How are the children selected for the program?

Children are initially selected from local nonprofit organizations and programs. Their grades, behavior, work ethic, and family interactions are all taken into consideration. They are informed that they have been selected to apply for the program, and then the partner schools make the final assessments using their standard selection process.

How do I get my child into Students to Scholars?

Your child needs to become a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Durham and Orange Counties ($10 per year) and attend their after school and/or summer camp program. They need to be willing to work with tutors on a regular basis, complete their homework, and show exemplary potential for working well within the classroom. Each student needs to have strong support from a parent/guardian.

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