THE 2019-2020 SCHOLARS

Taleah Fields
Taleah is overjoyed to be attending Triangle Day School. Her teachers describe her as friendly, outgoing, passionate, and extremely intelligent. She is a wonderful athlete and excels at track. Her connection with TDS is immense, as she exclaimed “I wish we had discovered this school sooner!” upon first touring the grounds.
Nnamdi Ogboko
Nnamdi is attending Triangle Day School. His family emigrated from Nigeria, and they are passionate about education and hard work. Nnamdi is quiet at first, but extremely social when you get to know him. He is a sports fan, and enjoys playing sports at TDS. He works hard to excel at his schoolwork, and his grades reflect his determination. He is entering his third year at TDS, and has won his awards for his accolades.
Shariah Warren
Shariah is entering her third year at Duke School. She has flourished at DS, and loves them because they “trust her with her education.” She plays flute in band and will join the volleyball team in the fall. When asked what she likes about herself, she said it was how well she gets along with people. Her current career goal is to become a veterinarian. What is one thing she’d like to change about the world? She’d like for “women to have equal pay as men.”
Rashyia Williams
Rashyia's potential for success is immense. She loves her individuality and says that she loves her ability to learn fast and understand her work. She wants to be a “doctor or lawyer or both” when she grows up. When asked what she’d do to change the world, she responded with “I would change the crime because I don’t like to see people be hurt.” Rashyia is a friend to all, and feels right at home at TDS. She is entering into her third year.
Jarod Bryant
Jarod is an incredible middle schooler with a friendly personality and a willingness to work hard. He is observant, polite, and genuine. Jarod is an avid football player and all-around sports fan. He is the star of nearly every basketball game he plays, but is gracious and team-oriented. He is beginning his second year at Carolina Friends School this year!
Ashanti Bellamy
Ashanti has an extremely bright personality and is a friend to all. She has been an incredible addition to Triangle Day School and is in her second year. Her favorite subject is math, but she excels in all subjects. When she gets older, she has her sights set on being a teacher. Ashanti also has an artistic side and loves to dance and sing.
Makizel Jackson
Makizel has joy radiating out of him. He is exceptionally kind, caring, and smart. He sees the best in everyone and fits right in at Carolina Friends School. Makizel's favorite subject is math, but is excited to learn Spanish. He also likes to play Roblox, a computer game, and would like to turn that into a career as a video game designer or computer programming.
Mahaugony Howard
Mahaugony is entering into her second year at Duke School and has made a ton of friends. Her favorite subject is math and wants to be a veterinarian. She also loves to dance. Her favorite quote is “When the world says give up...Hope whispers...Try again..."
Zion Dix
Zion loved his first year at Triangle Day School! He participated in the Science Olympiad and made a ton of friends. He likes to play video games, football, basketball, and baseball. He is very outgoing, funny, and encouraging.
Kamryn Clark
Kamryn will be attending Duke School in the fall of 2019.
Kelen Lloyd
Kelen will be attending Duke School in the fall.
Mone't Peaks
Mone't will be attending Duke School in the fall of 2019.
London Howard
London will be attending Duke School in the fall of 2019.
Abigail Hernandez
Abigail is looking forward to attending Triangle Day School in the fall.
Izaiah Merrick
Izaiah will be attending Duke School in the fall.
Ekene Ogboko
Ekene is following in the footsteps of his big brother and attending Triangle Day School.
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Mone't Peaks

Mone't will be attending Duke School in the fall of 2019.