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Time to Brag About Our Scholars...

The scholars received their report cards recently, and we'd like to highlight some of the amazing things their teachers are saying about them.

Taleah: "Taleah displays all of the TDS core values, but I want to highlight her responsibility and resilience. She tries her hardest and is thoughtful in her assignments. Coding can be difficult and frustrating, but Taleah chose to keep trying even though she had difficulty with some of the lessons. She also knew when to ask for help."

Rashyia: "Rashyia is a very cooperative and respectful student. She enjoys participating in class discussions and sharing her thoughtful ideas." "Rashyia is off to a good start in math and has demonstrated a strong understanding of the majority of concepts covered this first quarter. She has good number sense and works problems out carefully." "Rashyia is a very positive and respectful member of the school and class community...she is a caring and kind friend who gets along well with her classmates. Rashyia often looks to help if others are upset."

Shariah: "Shariah is doing a great job of adjusting to both a new school and a switch to the middle school environment. She has made several friends, and she participates with enthusiasm during our morning advisory where her joy and energy are often contagious. She is thoughtful and creative, and when she shares she adds interesting points of view to our discussions." "Shariah comes to class prepared and ready to engage in whatever activity is happening that day...Shariah has strong organizational skills; her binders, notebooks, and cubby are always in order. All of these skills assist Shariah in getting most out of class activities."

Nnamdi: "Nnamdi is thoughtful when completing assignments and takes the time to understand more complex assignments, such as coding."

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