Thank You to Our Supporters

United Way

The Bruce J. Heim Foundation

United Therapeutics

The Miller Family Giving Fund

The G.A. LaPlaca Family Fund

Biogen Foundation

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Delta Electronics

The Edward L. Hutton Foundation

The Drayton & Laura Virkler Fund

"Thank you for lifting us all up."

-8th Grade Scholar

"Dear Biogen, Because of your support, you are inspiring the next generation of scientists."

-8th Grade Scholar

"Your donation means a lot to my family and I."

-8th Grade Scholar

"Thank you, United Way of the Greater Triangle.  We really appreciate the help you provided for us."

-6th Grade Scholar

"I really appreciate all you have done to make my learning experience so great."

-5th Grade Scholar

"It means so much to me to be attending this school.  I have learned so many different things over these past two years and am receiving an excellent education." 

-6th Grade Scholar

"My school has taught me about gratitude, leadership, integrity, responsibility, and so much more." 

-7th Grade Scholar

"My education here will help me improve the lives of others when I am an adult and, hopefully, leave my community and world a better place."

-8th Grade Scholar

United Way of the Greater Triangle Community Impact Partner

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